Official Supporters Club Progress Update:-

We have received membership cards and inaugural supporters club key rings and we will be distributing those at the New Year's Eve home match and at each home match from that game onwards.

Note: – You will need to produce ID and sign your new membership card when you collect it

This is the first email update which has been sent exclusively to our current financial members, and this will continue to be the supporters club policy from 1st January 2014. A reminder though that other fans can join at any time throughout the year to receive their members card and key rings and become part of "The Crew"

Upcoming Events:-

We're working with the club on a couple of upcoming events worth you noting:-

"Dress like a Pirate" day – 5th January 2014. (Melbourne Heart home match)

CCMOSC Launch Function –12th January 2014 (Wellington away) at Soccer5's, Tuggerah

We will bring you confirmation and more information about these soon.

CCM Feedback Update:-

We want your feedback. After this home game email us and let us know what you like and your suggestions on how you think your experience can be improved. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Details about feedback we've discussed with the club since last home match day:-

Activity outside the stadium – we continue to feedback that creating atmosphere outside the ground is considered worthwhile and the club has indicated to us that they do too. It is understood the council will be working to build this activity at the remainder of home matches.

We had positive feedback about the halftime entertainment at the Sydney FC match and received suggestions for improvements which we have also passed on to the club

We continue to get positive feedbackabout "The Loose Cannon" match day paper, as well as receiving suggestions for inclusions to it, and we have passed those on to the club

We have ask the club to ensure members are always notified about whether post game functions will occur

We registered some fans concerns about the post-game presentation timing used to farewell Andrew Clark. We have suggested Pre-Game or Half time is the time fans most favour for such presentations

We passed on feedback about Stadium maintenance and catering issues for the club to discuss with the stadium management

We passed on positive feedback about the retro merchandise sale and added some suggestions from you about merchandise fans would like to see available

Merry Christmas to you all!