Mariners Current Affairs

We have received a considerable amount of feedback regarding comments attributed to our owner which suggested moving some games from Gosford is under consideration by the club. While playing a one off community or regional match at another venue is considered a good idea, the vast majority of your feedback indicated more than one match per season played elsewhere is not considered desirable.

We have discussed your views directly with the clubs management and we believe they are clear on your feelings about it.

The club has this week indicated via various media reports that moving is not considered an option. In addition, the Interim General Manager – Tracy Southern – spoke on the Yellow Army Podcast where she explained that the club is not considering moving. The podcast comments and news reports have been distributed via our Facebook page for anyone (including non-Facebook members) who missed them.

We do not encourage or support any boycott of the North Sydney match on the 19th December any more than we discourage those who feel they should not attend. The Official Supporters Club recognises the different opinions around this issue but encourages each of you to consider all of the views and information and support your team in the way you see fit.

Now is the time to sort out your "The Crew" (CCMOSC) Membership:-

The Crew (CCMOSC) committed to emailing our members before each home game and this will continue but for those of you who have yet to complete the form, pay the membership and join our journey, this is the final update email you will receive.

If you are not a financial member, for a short period we will continue to send you email reminding you how you can sign up and become a member of the OSC.

If you have any questions about our history or how to sign up, you can review our blog site and download our FAQ and membership form at:-

Official Supporters Club Progress Update:-

Unfortunately we did not take delivery of your membership cards or member key rings in time for distribution at this weekend's Sydney FC home match. We do expect delivery of these items very shortly and will be distributing them at the North Sydney Oval (Phoenix) match on the 19th, on New Year's Eve and at each home match following.

PLEASE NOTE:- You will require identification to collect your membership cards and key-rings

Football Club Feedback Update:-

The following is a selection of the current and ongoing feedback items we're working on with the club:-

Building the activity and atmosphere outside the stadium.

Ensuring information about each match day is available to those who need it

Improving the way our fans relate with Captain Yellowbeard and The Admiral

Feedback to the stadium about food and beverage supply

Content within "The Loose Cannon" match day paper

Don't forget, after this home game email us and let us know what you liked and any suggestions you have about how your match day experience can be improved.

If you have any feedback for either the CCMOSC or the football club please do not hesitate to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.