It's been a busy start to the season and we have been working hard on the important things to ensure the best start to the OSC. You told us you wanted an update before each of our home rounds so with the Adelaide match at Bluetongue fast approaching here is our first.

Official Supporters Club progress update:

• We have well over 100 paid members including around 10 junior members. We will be taking new members at the game on Saturday so look out for us before and after the game to join up.

• We've adopted the name "The Crew" after you told us that's the name you liked the best

• We're working with Soccer5s to create a great place to watch our away games with other fans

• We've been working constantly with the Mariners management and staff around issues you've brought to our attention and we will continue to do this.

• We're continually keeping you up to date with what we know is going on around your club

OSC / Mariners Update:

After the first home match of the season we provided feedback to the Mariners about the match day experience. Some of the suggestions we made include:-

• More activity and interest outside the stadium as you approach

• Improving the interaction of the Mariners staff with those of you who volunteer to help them

• CCM Members getting their member packs as soon as possible

• Wider information regarding post game member functions

• Making the best possible use of our new cannon

• Introducing and involving the Pirate and his cohort the Admiral

• Increasing the number of "The Loose Cannon" match day papers available

• The re-introduction of the fans announcing the player's names

• Increasing home match advertising

We value and use all of your feedback so if you have any from your upcoming match days, please don't hesitate to email us.

The OSC is working on:-

• Member cards – we hope to distribute these as soon as they are available

• Inaugural member gift – first year members of the OSC will receive an inaugural gift. We have made the order and we're now awaiting delivery.

• Merchandise – we have a Polo Shirt we'll be asking for your thoughts on that soon

• OSC Member Events – we're evaluating your feedback and will advise further soon

• Club Song – we have received a lot of feedback and we've been discussing this with the Yellow Army and the club to determine the best way to move this forward.

• We're working with legal people to finalise some of our organisation matters and hope to publish our rules system (the constitution of the CCMOSC) for your review in the near future