Hello Grand Finalist Fans,

What a great time for an update, as our proud club head into their fourth Grand Final full of optimism. Could anything thrown at us this Sunday really dull or dampen our spirits? I think not Mariners fans; this day is for all of us!

There is plenty to talk about while we enjoy the lead up week to the Grand Final, so firstly let's touch on some of the matters at hand:-

What's happening this week (other than CCM winning the Grand Final on Sunday)

Team Send Off (Saturday)

To wish the team luck, as they head to Sydney on Saturday to prepare for their 4th Hyundai A-League Grand Final, join other Mariners fans at Bluetongue Stadium to show them your support. Fans will gather on the Western warm up field from 10am to wish the team good luck and give them a warm send off.

The team bus departs at 10.30am and we'd like to encourage as many fans as possible to be there. Bring along your banners, flags and as much yellow as can possibly be mustered, to show the players how thrilled we are for them before they make their way down the F3 for final preparations.

When: Saturday 20th April 2013

Time: 10.00 – 10.30am

Location: Bluetongue Stadium, Western warm up field

Pre-Match Information for Mariners Fans

Mariner's fans will be gathering in Sydney prior to the game to enjoy the atmosphere and prepare for the big game. Everyone is welcome. This is an invitation to all fans, so come and join the pre-game build up with other proud Mariners fans.

Gathering point: PJ Gallagher's Irish Pub, EQ Moore Park (Fox Studios)

Time: From 12.30pm

Inside Allianz Stadium

Bay 3 (Yellow Army active support bay) – A message to all fans from the Yellow Army!

If you have never stood with the active support, firstly welcome and get ready to have the best time you've ever had at a football game! There are no rules, you just need to be prepared to stand and sing as loud and for as long as you can. If you don't know the words to any songs, don't worry, you will soon get the hang of it. This will be the best day in our clubs history and victory is all we want! See you in Bay 3!

Central Coast Mariners Official Supporters Club Update

There has been lots of interest in the CCM Official Supporters Club; so far we have had over 325 people wanting to be on the mailing list to receive updates. If you know anyone that you think would like more info, tell them to send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you know someone who already put their name down and hasn't received any updates, ask them to send another email as there were several that could not be delivered.

Since our last update the committee overseeing the CCM Supporters Club becoming official held a regular meeting and we can update you on some of the progress we made. The core purpose of this meeting was organising the key elements required for us to gain the official endorsement and status we're seeking.

I can announce that the committee has selected a Treasurer – Mrs Jo Chondroyiannis. We congratulate Jo and applaud her for stepping up to the plate on this important position. The committee decided to create a new position – Membership Secretary, and we expect to select someone for that position very soon, probably at our next meeting.

Next, as a not for profit organisation, we are required to have a constitution. The constitution will define the basic rules under which the supporters club is formed and how it operates. It will set out the objectives of the supporters club and the details of how the committee will make decisions within those. Such things as what makes up the committee, the types of powers our committee members will assume and how we will spend any funds we accumulate are central to this.

I can advise you that we have been reviewing a draft constitution for a couple of months now and we are working hard to bring that draft to a conclusion. We are almost ready to seek the appropriate legal advice and club endorsement of that document. At this meeting we were able to iron out some of the main obstacles to that task and we hope to be in a position to proceed with that official endorsement in a matter of weeks.

Other items which we discussed during the meeting included our branding – i.e. Selection of a colloquial name (Nickname) and the adoption of a logo to identify us.

We have had many suggestions for both of these from committee members and interested fans alike and over the coming period we'll be making shortlists for both of these. We are currently awaiting feedback from the FFA in relation to some our questions and determining the best way to make decisions on both of these very important issues. Ideas such as involving our fan base in some sort of voting selection process are part of our consideration. The committee see's these two issues as too important to rush, and as such they will form the next priority once we deal with the formalities around the constitution.

Other issues on the agenda for future meetings include connecting Mariners fans with our Central Coast Mariners Academy information, with the view to giving our fans a place to put their passionate fanism when our A-League heroes are in their off season. These kids and young adults are our future stars – everyone knows the Mariners history of developing talented kids and we want to ensure our club and fans are as proud of our Academy as we can possibly be.

Well that's about it for another CCM Supporters Club update. We wish our team the very best of luck on Sunday. We hope you all enjoy the moment as they proudly represent us in the A-League show piece.

Here's hoping it's the Year of the Mariners!

The Central Coast Mariners Official Supporters Club Committee