The group responsible for the proposed Central Coast Mariners Official Supporters Club would like to thank all the fans who have shown their interest in our proposal by "liking" our Facebook page, registering their email address for more information, sent us emails to register interest and for all of the wonderful positive feedback the individuals received about the concept recently. The response could only be described as overwhelmingly positive and we would like to keep you all up to date as we proceed.

The group has worked incredibly hard to get the proposal to this point and we're currently working toward the goal of becoming official as quickly and effectively as we can. We do not have a supporters club yet but we do have a formal committee working toward it and we intend to update you regularly on how we're progressing and what we are planning.

As a first response to your interest we would like to introduce those fans who have been working since around August 2012 to make this happen so please check out below some of the details those passionate Mariners fans have provided:-

Firstly, our Chairperson Mr Simon Fisher – I got involved with this group because quite simply, I love the Mariners. They have become an integral part of my life for 8 years and if I can help others become more involved and feel more a part of our club I will do whatever I can.

This is yours, mine, everybody's club and every fan having the option to have input into the club is a win, win. We need to be actively involved if we want to help make this club have the success off the field as it has on it

Secretary Ms Annie Warn – Couldn't believe my luck when we got an A League team, I've only missed one Mariners home game in 8 years, and have been to away games in Sydney, Newcastle, Canberra and Brisbane.

It's easy to sit back and criticise, but if you want grow football in Australia, you've got to get in and do something about it. That's why I'm here.

I'm a proud Mariners member for life, and sit in Bay 37

Publicity Officer – Mr Erin Morrow (me) – As a foundation Central Coast Mariners member I have been a passionate supporter of the club since the beginning. I write weekly previews for Mariners matches and take pride in speaking publicly about our group, most recently at the post game function after the Brisbane Roar match.

I have recently written the articles I hope you are reading about the proposed official supporters club and, sitting in bay 40, I strongly believe in all fans having a voice from every child to every grandparent in our crowds.

Our Fan Ambassadors –

Mr Eddie Dobosz – My family has been involved in soccer for many years, with 3 sons playing while I coached for many years and spent time in positions on club committees, dare I say in Western Sydney. When my wife and I moved to the Central Coast a few years ago, we discovered this amazing small club called the Mariners that have achieved outstanding results on the field and in the community. Given their tireless efforts it was easy to become a staunch supporter of this wonderful team and commit to actively helping the club and its supporters to grow.

Mr Harry MacDougall – I share the same the same passion as everyone else, creating a better relationship between the fans and the club. I am a foundation member, actively involved with the Yellow Army and a keen follower to Mariners away games. I look forward to hearing any suggestions and ideas that fans have.

Mr Phil McNab – I became a follower of Central Coast Mariners because they're the only Central Coast national team & I like the community approach they have built the club on.

I'm involved in the supporters' club because I want to help grow the popularity of the Mariners on the coast, get more people to the games & give them an enjoyable experience when they do attend.

Mrs Jo Chondroyiannis – Jo C will do. Lived on the coast all my life and love having a team to call my own. The fan forum sparked my interest in what goes on with the club and how we can work together to make our club greater than it already is.

Mr Seaton Wilson – The reason for getting involved with this is because, we only have one team, National team and it brings my family together. Each game day we are all excited to get to the field and cheer the boys on.

My 2 sons play for a local club and love staying at the end of the games to chat with the players.

In Short this is a great team punching above its weight with great results and I see the value for the club and would like to see them stay.

Mr Mark Leadbeatter – Given my love for the Mariners and the enjoyment they have given me and all football fans, I was more than happy to become involved with the fan forum and in turn the Official Supporters Club and I want to do whatever I can to help the fans and the club achieve even greater success both on and off the field.

The other Fan Ambassadors in our team are – Mr Mark Wilson and Ms Julie Wall

The Central Coast Mariners FC staff who are directly involved with our group are –

Ms Carly Carmichael

Mr Grant Cremer

Mr Lawrie McKinna

Every one of these people either put their name on a list of fans interested to assist the club at the original fan forum or have joined our cause along the way. Their offer was to help with everything from volunteer work to regularly meeting to move forward the supporters club concept we now propose and each is a proud enough fan of the Mariners to have given up many hours of their own time to achieve this. Each of them have laboured over not only the suggestions for the club but those ideas the club could not assist with and understand the unique circumstances the A-League and FFA places upon it – Not everything we suggest can actually be done.

As time goes by, I hope all of you will have the opportunity to meet these people, exchange ideas and get to know how they intend to make sure you do get the voice you deserve.

In the coming weeks we will inform you of some of the specifics of what the group is working on as we pursue our goals and hope to receive your support in completing the job.

Thank you so much for your support so far, and for that which we will receive in the future as we return our great club to be the premiere community club.